A pie crusade

Pinnacle pie.

To destroy the mundane and explore the wonderful.

No rules.
No compromise.
Just everything a bad ass pie can become.

That’s the pieway.

We love our pies, and we’re sure you will too. If you’re a fan of full on flavours and perfect pastry, we’re pretty confident they will be for you.

However, if for any reason you aren’t completely blown away, we want to hear from you. Our Pieway Pledge means we will refund you for any issues you have.

You’ll receive your refund within 24 hours after you get in touch. All we ask is that you provide details of what was wrong so that we can learn and improve.


Your order will be safely packed, sealed and kept under strict temperature control throughout the delivery. Arriving on the day it's due, from DPD local.

The DPD App let's you track your delivery accurately on the day its due, allows you to manage where you want the parcel left if you're not in, and provides us all with photographs of where the parcel has been left and the condition of the package. We encourage you to make full use of the app too get the most accurate tracking information.

Our pies are all individually hand packed with their own baking parchment in a labelled box with ingredients and nutritional information on the base.

The parchment is to make sure the pie has no chance of sticking to your baking tray when you heat them (See cooking instructions).

The individual pie boxes are then packed in 4’s or 6’s in a Selection box. This helps protect the pies as well as first thermal protection layer.

The selection box is then placed and sealed inside an insulation pouch along with a Gel based ice pack and then slipped in the delivery Box.

The Gel ice pack is reusable, and all of the boxes are fully recyclable, however the insulated pouch is plastic and whilst you may be able to reuse for your own postal needs, it isn’t at this stage recyclable. We are however working on this and take the challenge seriously.

We ship our pies frozen to ensure there is no deterioration in the transport process and to provide you with the best cooking results.

It's important that you unpack your delivery within 2 hours and you check the content. The icepack may have defrosted in the process of the journey, that’s ok, it's doing it's job, but it should still be cold to touch.

The pies will not have defrosted and should either be transferred straight into your home freezer, or placed in the fridge to gently thaw over the next 12 to 24 hours.

Once thawed we recommend that you cook and enjoy your pies within 2 days.

We hate waste of any kind and recognise that such a view is critical to an effective and efficient sustainability policy.

- We select the freshest and highest quality ingredients for our pies and aim to select as local to our kitchen as possible to reduce carbon footprint, and utilise local haulage and storage to avoid stem mileage... in fact the only time the pies do any meaningful travelling is on their final journey to you!

- Our production is based on 'just in time' principles so that we don’t have excessive stocks held in energy hungry freezer stores.

- We use one UK consolidator for deliveries to our customers, they are renowned for their delivery efficiency and low carbon footprint.

Our sustainability commitments for next 12 months:
- We know we have much more to do and aim to ensure all our packaging is 100% recyclable within the next 12 months (by April 2025)
- We plan to reduce production waste by 10% in the next year
- We will work to increase production efficiency to ensure 15% improvement in energy efficiency

We accept most secure payment types through our system, all backed by secure verification and your order backed by our money back guarantee.
We are continually expanding the option based secure options and customer demand but presently accept:
- Shopify
- Visa
- Mastercard
- Apple Pay
- Paypal
- Googlepay
- AmazonPay
- American Express
- Discover
- Diners Club
- Maestro

The freezing process locks in the freshness and holds it in a form that cannot age during the delivery process. This simply wouldn’t be the case with chilled pies as they age over time, even under chilled conditions.

It also gives you the reassurance that everything is safe and consistent – so that once your pies are thawed at home, they are perfect and ready to pop in the oven for the best Pieway experience.

We don’t currently offer our pies through shops but do attend select events where our pies are the highlight of the event!

We post on instagram which events we are attending and if your in our VIPie club you will receive notification and an invitation to claim your free Pie if you come along.

We always start with the meal idea before creating the ultimate Pie and we are ruthless in not allowing anything to compromise the quality.

Therefore charge according to the pie ingredients rather than adjusting the ingredients to meet a price. That is a significant difference between Pieway and the rest of the Pie industry. We apologise for the added complexity in different prices but don’t apologise for what this means for the quality for pie.

100% yes! The more the merrier and we are happy to personalise our pies to the special event if required.

We do start with the principle of a minimum order of 50 pies as this will be treated as a one off production run and highly personalised to the occasion.

We are happy to work on a bespoke recipe for your event with a 3 stage tasting and sign off process to ensure the end product is exactly what you want.

We have no upper limit on orders… the sky is the limit!, or should I say pies!

Due to the ingredients predominantly in the pastry, we don’t currently offer pies that are Gluten free. We are however continually reviewing our range and production plans to see how we can include gluten free into the range without compromising the pie experience.

We indicate on our pies if they are suitable for a vegetarian or vegan diet as we recognise this is a very important selection criteria for many customers.

Additionally, we're working hard on new recipes that would meet these requirements and have it as a specific challenge for our V.I.Pie members to help us with.

The full nutritional information, ingredients and highlighted potential allergens on each individual product page of the website. All of this information is also presented on the individual Pie box for reference at the time of cooking.