Terms & Conditions


  • We only use natural ingredients, however we ask that you read the ingredients and allergens declarations for all product that you wish to purchase before adding to your basket or completing your shop to ensure they are in line with and safe for your dietary requirements.
  • If you are unsure of any aspect of the item you wish to purchase, please contact us before completing your purchase and we can ensure your order is right for you.
  • Where you are ordering as a gift for someone else, please consider their dietary requirements before ordering. Whilst all items declare ingredients, nutritional information and allergens, we want your gift to be the most positive experience possible.
  • Once your basket is full of all the PIEWAY goodies your ant, please choose a delivery day where you will be available to receive the order. These pies are frozen and within temperature protective packaging, but they should not be allowed to sit for more than 2 hours post-delivery before being unpacked and either placed in your fridge to defrost, or placed in your home freezer for storage.

By all means choose a different deliver address (friend, Neighbours or even your place of work) if it guarantees you can receive and look after your PIEWAY package.

  • Please ensure your delivery address is 100% accurate and that your contact details are accurate and up to date. This is the best way to avoid delivery issues and whilst rare, is the main reason for failed deliveries.


  • We only use DPD local for all our deliveries as we know they do a great job and we trust their next day delivery service and temperature protection. They will however very occasionally have issues and where they are unable to deliver due to a problem within their network, we will take responsibility in sorting that problem for you.
  • We do however require you to be present to receive your goods, or for you to take responsibility for the goods if they are to be left in a safe place. The quality guarantee for our product requires the box to have be opened, checked and contents stores within 2 hours of the recorded delivery time. This is both for product quality and your food safety.
  • DPD have an App that will allow you to track your delivery, its smart and will both estimate your delivery time on the day its due, but also provides a delivery countdown so you know the time it will be delivered. The App also allows you to assign a safe place, or to change your delivery options to a neighbour if you have a last-minute change of circumstances. We highly recommend that you use the App and will include a link to the App with your order confirmation.

We would warn you, PIEWAY product is in great demand, so your choice of a safe place needs to be away from anyone that might wish to cheat you out of your delivery. The choice of a truly safe place is your responsibility!

  • Where DPD have has been able to make your delivery (incorrect address, No one home or no alternative instruction for delivery location) DPD are required to return your order to their depot where it will be destroyed. There cannot be a later delivery attempt as this is a temperature / time sensitive product and it is your responsibility to ensure the delivery can be made.
  • We are continually reviewing the impact that our brand might be having on the environment and as such strive to reduce our carbon footprint and use of plastics. Whist the packaging our pies are supplies in are fully recyclable, as is the shipping box, we do need to use a box liner to help maintain temperature during transit, and also include gel ice packs within the delivery box.

Whilst you may find further use for the liner and ice packs we are working with our suppliers to develop fully recyclable alternatives for these 2 items.



  • We always appreciate the opportunity to fix an issue before it becomes a problem and therefore require you to contact us as soon as you have identified an issue.
    • For delivery issues, inform us the same day as the delivery was due.
    • For quality issues, relating to damage on the same day as delivery when you unpack the box.
    • For eating quality issues, as soon as you have cooked and tried the product, but no later than 6 months from receipt, that being the guaranteed frozen storage life.

    Contact can be made via :

    Email: info@pieway.com

    Call: 07961 238086


    • All refunds will be processed and paid within 7 days.
    • All refunds will only be paid to the same payment method that was used to place the original order.
    • Multiple refunds in succession for the same customers, same addresses will be subject to detailed review.
    • Abuse of the PIEWAY refund commitment may result in closure of the offending account.
    • PIEWAY will continue to monitor refunds and claims to reduce the risk of fraud and to avoid the cost of providing pies to our loyal customers having to carry such a cost.
    • Where a customer dispute of failed delivery we will require DPD to provide proof of delivery with photographs of where the parcel was delivered, signature of App confirmation. Where they cannot do this the customer will receive a full refund.
    • Where the outer delivery box is damaged, open or looks to have been tampered with we will require you to take photographs of the box as you find it. This is critical for us to ensure DPD can trace the cause of the damage / interference.
    • Should you find the contents to be defrosted on delivery and the pies no longer chilled, we will require you to contact us immediately so we can assess the cause and act to replace your product.
    • On opening the individual Pie boxes, and finding split, crushed or damaged pies, we would again ask you to take a photograph, keep the packaging and contact us. We will replace the pies but also investigate at our factory what has happened. We will take the batch code from the packaging to trace the production.
    • Any other issue relating to the quality of the product or your satisfaction with the product should be reported as soon as possible, and we would ask that you retain the pies or remnants of the pies so that we can arrange collection for our analysis. Again retaining packaging will help us trace the production batch.

    We thank you for being a great customer and assure you that we do everything possible to ensure every PIEWAY experience exceeds expectations and worth shouting about.



    The following are the terms (“Terms”) on which PIEWAY, agrees to supply pies and related products to its customers and by placing an order you agree to these terms.

    Should you not agree to the terms of sale as set out below you should not place an order or should first seek clarity regarding any of the terms and conditions that are a concern by emailing: info@pieway.com

    We are PIEWAY, the trading name of the registered company Piethagorus Limited. The company is registered in England and Wales. (Company Number 15105645)

    Registered address: Highland House, Mayflower Close, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO53 4AR.


    1.1      All orders are either placed and paid for through the PIEWAY website or for bulk quantities, special events through the creation of an account with a contract and as per the terms of that account / contract.

    1.2     The customer shall be responsible for ensuring the accuracy of any and all orders placed.

    1.3     Once an order has been dispatched (Tracking number sent) the customer may not cancel the order. However where an error has been made in ordering we will do whatever is possible to assist in rectification of the situation.

    1.4     These Terms in no way remover, reduce or impact on your consumer rights.



    2.1     We will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that the size and description of the Products delivered conform to those ordered by you, as set out in the confirmation. Where any variations occur we will be responsible for notification ahead of delivery and where this is unacceptable to the customer we will honour our expectation guarantee.

    2.2     We warrant that when the Products are delivered that they will:

    2.2.1 conform in all material aspects with their description, ingredients and product declarations.

    2.2.2 Meet the customers quality expectations;

    2.2.3 be fit for human consumption; and

    2.2.4 comply with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements for selling the Products in the United Kingdom.

    2.3     This warranty does not apply:

    2.3.1 to any defect in the Products arising from wilful damage, accident or negligence by you or any third party;

    2.3.2 if the customer stores or uses the Products in a way that we do not recommend; or

    2.3.3 if the customer fail to follow our instructions in relation to handling, storage, heating, serving of the Products.

    2.4    These terms will also apply to any replacement Products we supply to you.